Calrec’s elegant Summa console is designed for broadcast professionals who need to produce creative and engrossing broadcast audio easily, but may not require as many resources as Calrec’s Apollo and Artemis consoles. Control is via a 17-inch multitouch screen inspired by familiar tablet technology, with a straightforward interface that uses established finger gestures to navigate the system. Summa’s considered control simplifies even complex workflow tasks, such as creating mix-minus feeds. Bluefin2 technology gives Summa a pool of 180 or 128 channel processing paths, eight groups, four mains, 16 auxes, and 32 tracks. Its Hydra2 router core provides Summa with the same integral router technology as the Apollo and Artemis consoles.


All Summa consoles feature:

  • 6 x layers of faders.
  • 6 x full bands of parametric EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.
  • 2 x compressor / limiters, 1 x expander / gate, and sidechain EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.
  • 4 x Main Outputs, 8 x Groups, 32 x Track Outputs, 16 x Aux Outputs.
  • Auto Minus bus.
  • Off Air Conference bus.
  • Independent DSP, routing and control processing.
  • An integral 4096 x 4096 router with up to 512 audio channels per Hydra2 port, fully integrable with any Hydra2 network.
  • An extensive range of Hydra2 I/O available.
  • Copper or fibre connectivity.
  • Excellent green credentials; Low weight, power consumption and heat generation.

Technical Specification

Surface measurements
  • End Profile measurements
  • Typical Surface Measurements

Rack Layout
  • 100mm Faders
  • Six Surface Layers
  • 5.1 Console Monitor Output
  • 3 x 5.1 Studio Monitor Outputs
  • Built-in Talkback Microphone
  • Stereo Headphone Output
  • A pool of 180 or 128 Channel processing paths
  • 4 x Main Outputs (mono, stereo or 5.1)
  • 8 x Audio Sub-Groups (mono, stereo or 5.1)
  • 32 x Track Outputs (mono or stereo)
  • 16 x Auxiliary Outputs (mono or stereo)
  • 1 x Direct Output per Channel* (Pre EQ, Pre Fader or Post Fader)
  • 1 x Mix Minus Output per Channel* (can be fed from Auto Minus, Auxes, Tracks or Off Air Conference Bus)
  • 1 x Auto Minus Bus
  • 1 x Off Air Conference Bus
  • 1 x Insert on every Channel, Group, Main and Console Monitor Output
  • 152 x External Monitor and Meter Inputs
  • Unlimited VCA groups
  • 6-band parametric EQ on every Channel, Group, Main
  • Dynamics processing on every Channel, Main, Group, Aux and Track (2 x Compressor/Limiter, Expander, Gate, Side Chain EQ/Filters
  • 2.73s of delay within every Channel, Group, Main, Aux and Track
  • An additional pool of 128 blocks of assignable Input Delay (2.73s each)
  • An additional pool of 128 blocks of assignable Output Delay (2.73s each)
  • *from a pool of 188 mono resources shared between direct outputs and mix minus outputs
  • Integral 4096² router
  • 8 redundant router connections for networking consoles and connecting I/O boxes
  • All I/O provided over Hydra2 network via a wide range of I/O box formats
  • Cat5e or fibre connectivity
  • Highly resilient. PSU, DSP, Control Processor and Router Modules are hot-swappable and have automatic redundancy
  • Independent DSP operation ensures audio continuity in the event of a PC or control reset
  • Low power consumption and heat generation

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